Do Minder ®

A personal and household maintenance app.

The app that helps you do what matters.

In the spirit of American Ingenuity we love fixing things, and built the Do Minder service to help you fix and maintain your things.
Whether it's your home, your car, or your kitchen water filter, check out Do Minder ® to help maintain all your things. Scroll down for more information.

Let's do!

The Do Minder ® App

Do Minder is the maintenance app for any "thing", your own DIY project planner. It can help you manage personal and household projects, appliances, or equipment.

Do Minder helps keep all your things working, and helps you prioritize the things that need doing, fixing, or maintaining.

No downloads necessary, the service works on any device browser.

Do Minder ® Features


Track repairs for any thing you put in your inventory and have it's repair history at your fingertips.


Set up reminders for often repeated tasks, like checking your car's oil level, or changing your home water and air filters.


The app works on any device browser; so you can always have Do Minder with you when you need it; at home, your car, or when you're at the hardware store.

A satisfied user quote

“If you struggle to remember when you did that last oil change, or home air filter change ... then this app is for you.”

Let Do Minder remember, so you don't have to.

Happy Do Minder user.

Do Minder® Plans

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Free 2 month trial subscription.

  • 50M Data Limit
  • 2 Months Free
  • Single Member
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$6.95 /m

Pay monthly following your free trial subscription. Cancel anytime.

  • 100M Data Limit
  • No Time Limit
  • Single Member Subscription
Doer's Subscription Plan *

$19.95 /m

Pay monthly. Cancel anytime.

  • Above 100M
  • No Time Limit
  • Multiple Members Subscription
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